Causes and Treatments

Pooping Blood

Comparison of an Internal and an External hemorrhoid. Both are hard tender lumps that cause irritation and result in bright red blood clots when pooping.

Blood in stool is a common medical problem that must be immediately addressed and may lead to serious issues. It is often the result of swollen, painful veins or lumps in the lower portion of the anus or rectum. This condition is also known as hemorrhoids.

Other Symptoms include:

  • Anal itching
  • Anal pain or ache, especially while sitting
  • Red blood on toilet paper
  • Pain while pooping

This is usually caused by infections, excessive strain, or constipation. Not treating these infections in time may allow them to spread and cause permanent damage to vital organs. At that point the condition can only be treated surgically. You do not want to let that spread to that point. Catching this condition early is key, and the first symptoms are pooping blood.

There Is Good News!

There are cream remedies that will easily cure your condition in its early to mid stages. Even without the embarrassment or visitation of a doctor. Those are NOT your typical diets, pills, or suppositories which are inserted into the rectum to deliver moisture. Those are totally safe, natural remedies that work within a few days.

One of the most effective treatments involves Venapro cream. This cream provides the equivalent of high-fiber products which include wheat, beans, broccoli and oat bran, fresh fruit, and whole-grain foods. Along with enough water, you could reduce the pressure on the hemorrhoids and allow them to heal. Complete dietary advice can be found in the free book below.


Venapro cream has been tested and approved and is available now.

For additional information on anal blood causes visit our discussion. Official university help is found here.

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  1. It s actually a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you simply shared this helpful information with us. The free book is awesome too. Thank you for sharing.

  2. i saw this page and i have to agree with you. Hemorroids are very common and easy to get rid of with the proper care. I will try your free ebook tonight and see where that gets me.

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